Marketing Minds has extensive experience in Graphic Design through the creation of a broad range of marketing communication campaigns. The experience of our studio guarantees a depth of understanding. That’s why our work is creative, direct, relevant and on budget.

Corporate Branding
Marketing Minds creative team will seek to gain in-depth insight into every facet of your business. Your business identity is one of its most valuable assets and we work hard to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your marketplace, competitors, positioning, personality and aspirations providing a sound foundation for the creation of a wholly appropriate and unique design solution.

Brand Guidelines
Your marketing materials influence the way audiences perceive who you are and what you do. We have extensive knowledge in developing brand guidelines to ensure that your brand is used in a consistent and effective manner across all media applications.

Event Collateral
Consistency of theme is crucial when designing for an event. Posters, banners, invitations, reminders and giveaways are all printed material that needs to highlight and attract business to the event.

Exhibition Support
Marketing Minds are recognised for exploring new ways to interpret, present and connect with audiences. The successful delivery of many major projects around the world has given us a breadth of experience and we can provide a complete range of design services from master planning, 3D design to project management.

Retail Promotions
Marketing Minds can assist in choosing the right promotion that fits your industry, target audience and goals.

?Point of Sale Material
Marketing Minds provide creative point of sale design from simple product packaging to in-store display systems.